With over 30 years of jewelry repair under out belts, we have the experience and expertise to repair any type of jewelry or precious metal.

We offer a complete range or repair services including:

We will carefully inspect each piece, check for loose or missing stones and replace if necessary (we will ensure any and all replacement stones match existing stones in the piece). Upon repair, each piece is polished to perfection to luster as bright as the day it was made.

Client Testimonial

On behalf of the membership of the South Carolina House of Representatives I would like to thank you, and your employees, for the work you did to repair and clean the Mace of the South Carolina House of Representatives. The Mace is almost 254 years old and is the oldest Mace known to be in use by a legislative body in North America. It is a priceless emblem of South Carolina's rich history, and it is critical that we do everything possible to maintain its condition for future generations.

When staff noticed that a portion of the Mace was working loose, it was determined that immediate repair was needed. We contacted several jewelers within the Columbia area. After consultation with several knowledgeable persons we were told that Gibson Jewelers was the only entity within the Columbia area that might be able to help us.

We appreciate you working on such a short time frame and around the schedule of the South Carolina House of Representatives. Your work is excellent.

Charles F. Reid | Clerk of the House